kanye west (bev hills police car)*Jackpot for the bigot!

The teen Kanye West beat up after shouting racial slurs at paparazzi, Kim Kardashian and him over the phone settled.

The teen is expected to get $250,000 and doesn’t want to move forth criminal prosecution.

The incident happened with Kardashian was entering a medical office in Beverly Hills, Calif. The teen shouted racial slurs at the paparazzi, “F–k these f–got-ass n—gers.” After Kardashian called out the teen using the derogatory term, he responded with,  “”F–k you, bitch. Just trying to help you. Shut up, n–ger lover, stupid slut.”

Kardashian called up her fiance and the teen yelled,  “F–k you, n—ger.”

West pulled up, walked into the doctor’s office and reportedly punched the teen 30 times who was sitting in the waiting room — resulting in a lawsuit.

West hasn’t been charged with battery. The D.A. might not choose to do so. The teen has been uncooperative. And due to West’s popularity and the teen’s hurling racial slurs — the case will not most likely hold up with a jury.