marshawn lynch*He’s not the one for many words.

Seattle Seahawks’ Marshawn Lynch finally broke his silence at Super Bowl media day.

Previously, he was fined $50,000 by NFL for refusing to speak to reporters.
“I won’t be satisfied with all this until it’s all over,” he said. “That’s when I’ll be satisfied. But until then, I got work. I appreciate this, but …”

Lynch only answered questions to avoid being fined again. He spoke briefly before standing in the background with his hood and sunglasses on.

He did give an interview to NFL Network’s Deion Sanders, and the Seahawks’ website.

“I ain’t never seen no talking winning nothing,” he told Sanders. “Been like that since I was little. I was raised like that. I’m gonna get it. Don’t need to talk about it.”

Even though Lynch isn’t much of a talker, teammate Richard Sherman sure is a speaker — who had many reporters surrounding him.

“I’m not anybody’s puppet,” he said. “You’re not going to just get controversial things. I’m going to be myself every time, good, bad or indifferent, and it’s not always going to be entertaining.”

He continued with, “I think I’m happiest playing in New Jersey. It’s a big stage, it’s one of the meccas in the world, and I think everybody’s going to get a chance to see it.”

Regardless of Sherman and Lynch being on the opposite ends of public speaking, both are gearing up to play on Sunday against the Denver Broncos.

UPDATE … Marshawn Lynch actually sat still for a few questions and looked kinda comfortable doing so. Check it out below: