mccain & sherman*Richard Sherman is like, “mmm hmm.”

He believes John McCain had more to say about him than just loudmouth. That’s what he could only say in public, maybe?

McCain said he’s gunning for the Denver Broncos because he doesn’t like that loudmouth from the Seattle Seahwaks.

In an interview with MSNBC‘s Chris Hayes, he asked Sherman, “Do you feel like the story getting built in the run up to the game is like Peyton Manning is the hero and Richard Sherman is the villain?” Hayes asked Sherman in relation to McCain’s comments. “Like, that’s the good guy and you’re the bad guy?”

“I don’t see it that way,” Sherman answered. “Maybe in his circle, but I’m sure he’s said worse than that. And I think, I try not to judge people on what they say or what they do. His opinion is what it is and he’s entitled to it.”

Sherman is not going to solely judge McCain on the interview — saying maybe he got caught in the moment.

“I’m sure [McCain’s] got caught up in the moment before,” he said. “If everybody labeled him off a sound bite, I’m sure everyone would have a different view of him.”

Hayes agreed with, “in terms of Senator John McCain, it’s true actually,” Hayes said. “He has gotten caught up in the moment.

Sherman is gearing up to play against the Denver Broncos Sunday night at 2014 Super Bowl.