apollo nida (bare chest - screenshot)*Good Lord! It’s going down, down, down on “RHOA!”

Or maybe we should say it WENT down. We’re talking about the brawl y’all that happened Sunday on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

And your boy, Apollo Nida, fresh off of making headlines this weekend for bank fraud and identity theft, was right in the thick of the ugliness.

Here’s what went down. At a so-called couples bonding party that NeNe Leakes put together, Kenya Moore got into it with singer Christopher Williams and his wife, Natalie.

BTW, last week Kenya clowned Natalie, saying she wasn’t really married to Christopher and Sunday night she continued to bait the couple.

After Kenya told Natalie that she and Christopher were in a common-law marriage, Christopher went in on Kenya by asking what medication she was on.

When Natalie told Christopher that Kenya had said they were in a “common law” marriage, he insulted Kenya, asking what medication she was on.

Oops! That’s when it all went to hell.

Kenya, waiving her finger, moved toward Natalie, but Christopher grabbed her. Bad move ’cause that pissed off Kenya’s buddy Brandon DeShazer who charged at Christopher. OK, so what’s this got to do with Apollo, you ask? Well, this is where he comes in. With smoke coming out his ears and his eyes burning red (OK, we’re exaggerating … a little), he stripped off his shirt and went to work on Brandon, pounding the crap out of him all while Peter Thomas, Cynthia Bailey’s husband, seemed to be holding Brando down.

And Kenya, referring to Nida’s previous five-year prison term (from 2004-2009 for racketeering), told Bravo’s cameras, “Apollo is out of his mind, beating Brandon as though he’s in his jail cell fighting for his virginity!”

Even Apollo’s wife was shocked by his extreme actions.

“I don’t know what’s gotten into Apollo,” Phaedra sighed, noting he has a temper but “normally keeps it in check.”

After the melee, which will continue into the next episode, NeNe yelled at Kenya for causing the fight.

“I don’t control animals,” Kenya responded to the cameras about Apollo.

Lord ha’ mercy! You can see it go down below: