50 cent

*When needing to express a celebrity beef take to Twitter!

That’s what 50 Cent did as his enemy Jimmy Rosemond‘s murder trial continues and claims Rosemond is snitching to the authorities.

The feud has been going on for years and years, but Rosemond is on trial for murdering a G-Unit associate Lowell Fletcher in 2009.

And 50 is not holding his tongue on the whole matter, and he doesn’t seem to be backing down anytime soon.

“I’m up watch the jimmy henchmen trial MOVIE. Lol he did a a good job in this one. LMAO,” Fif wrote as a caption to his video. “What’s up, I’m up. 6:30 in the morning, getting my hair cut, watching a movie. Check this sh*t out, the Henchman trial. No Jimmy, you rat b*stard!’ [laughs]” (50 Cent’s Instagram)

But this isn’t the first time 50 has blasted Rosemond. It was only last weekend when he took to Twitter.

“LMAO THIS BOY SOLVED EVERY CRIME IN NEW YORK. Old gangsta jimmy,go a head tell some more shit killer. Lol http://instagram.com/p/kcnbWvsL6N/,” he tweeted.

But this beef has been going on for a LONG time.

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They should’ve listened to Diddy!

Sean Combs tried to prevent the further escalation of beef between Czar Entertainment and G-Unit.

Cocaine runner Khalil Abdullah testified against Rosemond. He revealed a secret meeting between Czar and 50 Cent. His manager Chris Lighty attacked Rosemond.

“Chris ended up mushing Rosemond in the face,” he said. “Puff jumped in between them and broke it up.”

The beef continued in 2007 when Tony Yayo beat up Rosemond’s teenage son. Abdullah was ordered to shoot Lighty in the leg, which never happened.

That’s when Rosemond ordered to have Fletcher eliminated since he was lower on the G-Unit roster and an easier target.

Fletcher was killed in 2009 after being lured to a Bronx street from former jail mate  Brian “Slim” McLeod, but Derrick Grant, pulled the trigger. They were paid with $30,000 in cocaine.

“Slim’s man came out of nowhere and clapped the dude up,” Abdullah, who wasn’t physically on hand at the murder scene, said.

Abdullah is serving eight years for his roll in the multi-million dollar drug trafficking case which put Rosemond in prison for life. Since he testified against his former boss he could walk away sooner.