about last night

*”About Last Night” grossed almost $30 million during its opening weekend.

The films comedic stars Kevin Hart and Regina Hall sat down with The Russ Parr Morning Show and explained why the romantic comedy is not just for black people.

“It was actually written for a white cast,” shared Hall. “When the studio approached the white actors they said, they weren’t sure if they want to do “About Last Night” because they knew the comparison for them would be a little different. So they decided to make it an African American cast. It really wasn’t written for us but we made it our own.”

“It’s called good acting!” Laughed Hart. “Boom in yo face!”

“We have really good chemistry in this movie,” said Hart. “Regina did her thing and I think the audience is going to walk away with, not only relating to the characters but laughing to the point where you go, ‘WOW, they made real behavior funny.'”

 about last night“This is the first time we’ve gotten to work opposite each other,” explained the D.C. native. “Working with Kevin brings up your game and makes you want to do better. The fact that we are friends outside of the business makes it a lot easier and natural.”

 about last nightThe Russ Parr Morning Show is ready for the “About Last Night” sequel.

“There is going to be a future with Regina Hall and Kevin Hart doing movie projects together,” admitted the Phil native. “The levels that we can go to are endless.”

 about last nightDirected by Steve Pink, “About Last Night” is based on the 1974 play ‘Sexual Perversity in Chicago’ and is a remake of the 1986 film of the same name. The roles in the original film were played by white actors.

“About Last Night” is in theaters now.

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