Dr. Ayanna Howard

She makes robots! Georgia Tech professor, Dr. Ayanna Howard, is Tech Savvy and Proud

*Aio Wireless: Tech Savvy and Proud,  profiling innovators in the technology and digital arena.  Dr. Ayanna Howard is a Motorola Foundation professor at Georgia Tech School of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

She has received degrees from Brown University, USC and UCLA. Dr. Howard specializes in the area of humanized intelligence which involves the process of embedding human cognitive capability into the control path of autonomous systems.

Her work has been cited in over a dozen featured articles, and she was named as one of the world’s top young innovators of 2003 by the MIT Technology Review journal and in TIME magazine’s “Rise of the Machines” article in 2004.

Dr. Howard led research teams at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California.  She was named the 2004 Engineer of the Year by the LA Council of Engineers and Scientists and the Janice Lumpkin Educator of the Year Award by the Society of Black Engineers in 2009.

Her talents brought her to Georgia Tech in 2005, where she nabbed the Georgia Tech Faculty Woman of Distinction Award in 2008.   Dr. Howard is a member of the systems and controls technical interest group and the founder of the Human-Automation Systems (HumAnS) Laboratory.

At Georgia Tech, she coordinates the Robotics Ph. D program.  She is inspired by innovators and excited to see robotics appear in classrooms, in laboratories and on screen, as in the new Robocop movie starring Joel Kinnamen, Samuel L. Jackson and Michael K. Williams which opened nationwide earlier this month.

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