Baggage Claim will be released on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD on February 4th!

david e. talbert - 2 baggage claim scenes

Writer/Director David E. Talbert directs the stars of ‘Baggage Claim’ in 2 different scenes.

When women get together for a night of drinks, conversation and pampering, it’s guaranteed to bring about gossip and girl on girl hate.

However, the executive producer of “Baggage Claim,” Lyn Talbert is too classy for that.  Baggage Claim- Ladies Night Out was a classy affair hosted by Adai Lamar of LA’s KJLH radio, where wisdom, experience and love lessons were the focus.

Of course delectable delights were passed and drinks were flowing by a sexy chocolate bar tender, ladies enjoyed a mini mani at the beauty bar by the Lintan Twins of Artistic Glow and enjoyed giveaways and prizes sponsored by the luggage company TravelPro. But what took the cake in the beautifully white curtain draped venue was everyone’s favorite film mom, Jenifer Lewis.  As soon as she stepped foot on the red carpet, she was telling the “little girls” how and when to shoot her.

Our associate LaCora Stephens, was there to interview Lewis and Talbert. She loved the advice that Talbert gave to keep a healthy marriage: have a date night every week and surprise each other.  She stated, “David sends me flowers almost every week in the same vase.” Jenifer advised, “Be careful of your ‘womaness’; don’t throw away your energy on gossip and hate.”

On a lighter side she explained how women shouldn’t accept to walk on egg shells and be disrespected so a man can make us happy.  She went on to say, if you can’t find happiness within or if all else fails because a man is hurting you… “go to Walmart and get a gun.”  Though she was joking, her candid, dramatic wisdom was well appreciated.

Lyn explained that they are looking at another relationship piece and reading other options; however, she said Jenifer is in the family for life now and would love to see her in another project.

When LaCora asked Jenifer if she ever grows tired of being typed cast as everyone’s mother, she said, “Well, I am moving away from the mother role with my new film, ‘Ventura Blvd,’ homage to ‘Sunset Blvd,’ directed by Debbie Allen.  I play CoCoa, a Black exploitation actor… but honey I don’t ever think I’ll turn a mother role down.”

Both ladies encourage women to purchase the DVD on February 4, 2014 and have a Ladies Night Out of your own!

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