christopher rivera*OK, this might seem a little creepy, yet creative … maybe?

Murdered boxer Christopher Rivera received an odd send off in a makeshift ring-themed funeral.

The boxer was propped up in the ring (like a wax figure) — positioned and dressed to fight.

Talk about the dedication to the ring-styled wake.

His family and friends were able to take pictures with his corpse propped up in the position — looking ready to fight.

Marin Funeral Home set up a boxing ring in an apartment complex in San Juan, Puerto Rico. It took many hours for the funeral home to create the scene.

christopher rivera2But the funeral home isn’t unfamiliar with creative takes on wakes. In fact, the funeral home created a motorcycle scene for another decreased man.

Rivera was shot a week ago in Santurce, PR. No has been arrested yet. He was 23 years old.

He leaves behind not only family and friends, but a 5-15 record in the 130-pound weight class.

christopher rivera3