Charlamagne Tha God*Lenard McKelvey is a radio personality on Power 105.1 and MTV2 host.

But he is better known to us as the outspoken truth slinger, Charlamagne Tha God.

On his Arsenio Hall Show debut, the hip-hop Howard Stern, threw shade at DMX, reality TV and explained his distant relationship with his former boss Wendy Williams.

When asked how he started working in radio, the “Breakfast Club” host thanked the talk show gossip queen but admitted they haven’t spoken in almost five years.

“Shout out to Wendy,” said Charlamagne. “I haven’t talked to her in like four years but she definitely gave me my break as far as this radio thing is concerned. I used to do ‘man on the street’ stuff for her show back in 2009.”

The media personality suggested the lack of communication may have something to do with Kevin, Wendy’s husband.

“There’s no beef,” Charlamagne clarified. “Me and her husband had a falling out but as far as I know me and Wendy are cool.”

Charlamagne Tha God“I can’t be mad at her for riding with her husband,” he continued. “That’s her husband! So if her husband don’t f**k with me, then I don’t blame her for not f**king with me either. You know?”

Arsenio also asked the morning show host if he had ever done stand-up comedy.

“No, I’m scared of stand-up,” he confessed. “That’s not my thing. I don’t tell jokes; I tell the truth. Not to say that comediennes don’t tell the truth but I just feel like if I was to ever jump out there and do stand-up they would be like, ‘Oh he’s not funny.’ I think I’m just funny because I do radio.”

The South Carolina native offered his opinion on rapper DMX and his upcoming fight with George Zimmerman.

It’s disgusting,” said the blunt commentator. “I don’t think DMX should participate, all he is doing is profiting off race and hate in America. That’s wack to me, that’s corny!”

Charlamagne also says reality shows like Love & Hip Hop and the Real Housewives of Atlanta only give hoes an opportunity.

“You gotta shout out someone like Mona Scott Young because somebody gotta pimp these hoes,” Charlamagne stated. “A lot of these chicks wouldn’t be doing nothing if it wasn’t for these reality shows. ”

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