(L-R) Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Bell

*It has been revealed today that Miles Teller, Jamie Bell and Kate Mara will join Michael B. Jordan in Fox’s upcoming remake of “The Fantastic Four,” with the African American star of “Fruitvale Station” suiting up as Johnny Storm (aka The Human Torch)…a character who appears in the Marvel comics as blonde with blue-eyes.

Jordan had been rumored for months to be cast in the film as Johnny Storm, which led to a huge debate on many sites about colorblind casting and whether it makes sense to change the race of a comic book character for a movie adaptation.

Aside from the difference in skin color, debates have also taken place in the blogosphere regarding Johnny Storm’s sister, Sue Storm, to be played by white actress Mara (Zoe Barnes in Netflix’s “House of Cards”). When Jessica Alba appeared as Sue Storm in the 2005 and 2007 movies, she wore a blonde wig and blue contacts in order to play sister to Chris Evans.

There’s no word yet on what the exact story between the interracial siblings will be. Based on some of the posts in comment sections around the web, it doesn’t matter what the story will be – they can’t get past Johnny Storm being black.

Below, a sample of comments from the story posted on JustJared:

Jason @ 12:28 am on 02/20/2014
Why is it okay when a black actor is hired to play a white character, but they’d NEVER hire a white actor to play a black character?

#2 Jessie @ 12:41 am on 02/20/2014
no no no no no no and nooooooo!!!

#3 river @ 1:46 am on 02/20/2014
That guy is too young to play Mr.fantastic! And I’m not racist, but don’t cast a black guy to play a white super hero. But cool! Its just not right. That’s like going to a restaurant and asking for a coke. Is Pepsi ok? Only if monopoly money is ok for a tip!

#4 river @ 1:46 am on 02/20/2014
*Not cool!

#5 nat @ 1:55 am on 02/20/2014
@Jason: name one popular superhero that is black…

#6 Baldy @ 2:19 am on 02/20/2014
@nat: @nat Black Panther

#7 Sarah @ 2:59 am on 02/20/2014
To me, it doesn’t really make sense to have Michael play the Johnny. Unless you had an African-American actress play Sue, then I wouldn’t really care. But the two are brother and sister, so having one be played by a white actor and the other by a black actor seems weird.

#8 Jason @ 3:12 am on 02/20/2014
Who really gives a crap if Johnny storm is black or white good grief as long as this movie doesn’t suck and is way cooler than it’s predecessor it really shouldn’t matter….would you guys be happier if they picked an Asian guy to play the human torch??? Smh