black coffee (poster)*Darrin Dewitt Henson rocketed to stardom on the Showtime hit series “Soul Food” as the sexy but sometimes troubled Lem.

Now he’s on the big screen in the romantic comedy, “Black Coffee.”

“It’s really about a person of color in America and not using excuses for what you can do for yourself,” Henson proclaimed about the film now in limited release nationwide.

There’s something in this movie that turns out “for the best” Henson says when talking about a love triangle his character Robert is involved in.

“There are responsibilities that are learned. There is love that is developed and there’s also challenges of what do I do now that I am presented with this particular situation.”

Written and directed by Mark Harris, Henson called “Black Coffee” also starring Lamman Rucker a “thinking man and woman’s movie.”

Henson is also a choreographer and author – releasing his second book, “Ain’t That The Truth,” filled with insight and sagacity.

He described the book as a “series of positive affirmations and levels of common sense. What I found out through my travels and discussions is that common sense really isn’t really that common.”

You can find “Ain’t That The Truth” and a lot of other information about Henson on his website and in bookstores the end of April.

Known for his dance skills and teaching them to others, Henson won an MTV Music Award for his work with the pop group ‘N Sync and also has garnered two NAACP Image Awards.

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