*Nicki Minaj has offended a slew of folk with the cover art for her new single.

The rapper uses the iconic photo of Malcolm X peering out of his window holding an M1 carbine as the cover art for her new single, “Lookin A** N**ga.” It’s slated to appear both on “Young Money: Rise of an Empire,” due March 11, and on Minaj’s forthcoming album, “The Pink Print.”

She debuted the n-word drenched song Wednesday with a Nabil-directed video, and reaction to her use of the photo was swift and mostly negative – particularly since it comes during Black History Month.


Nicki Minaj in her video for “Lookin A** Ni**a”

“Say what you will about his days as Detroit Red hustling on the streets of Harlem, there is nothing N-word like about Malcolm X,” Alvin Aqua Blance writes at HipHopWired. “To equate a man that literally died for his cause — the advancement of human rights for people of color — is just wrong on multiple levels.”

The original version of the photograph was first published in Ebony magazine in 1964.

Here’s a sampling of tweets from outraged fans, courtesy of USA Today:

minaj tweets 1

minaj tweets 2