dawn robinson*Singer and now former reality show star Dawn Robinson admits that she did stir up trouble as a member of her former group EnVogue but only because she was fighting for what she felt she deserved.

“Well, I’ve been considered a troubled artist, a troublemaker, a problem, a difficult artist over the years, and I have been. I agree! I’ve totally been very difficult because we only made two pennies per album. I think anybody would be postal if they were only making two pennies and everybody else was making millions every album for what their hard work manifested,” she explained to Ebony magazine. “We’d work and everybody else was rich. So there was a problem and I wouldn’t sit down. I just couldn’t take it, watching everybody else making the lion’s share of the money and we did the lion’s share of the work. So I was the one.”

Dawn found herself having to fight against not only the recording label but her group members as well all while coming into womanhood.

“I’m the youngest one in the group, and they’re like, ‘Well, Dawn, you’re right, but we can’t fight the record company.’ Everybody thinks that the major labels and the corporations are so big, and that they don’t have the pockets to fight these labels. I’m like, ‘No! We have the power because we have the music.’”

While Dawn admits that she may have caused some ruckus while trying to rally for better compensation for the group, she says she is not the cause of the legal battles that occurred between her and her group members.

“First of all, that drama had nothing to do with me. I happened to work with Maxine [Jones], but that lawsuit was her. Cindy [Herron] and Terry [Ellis] sued her. I wasn’t included in that. It’s sad that this had to happen in the first place. We all worked hard for that name, we all built that name together,” she said in reference to the battle over who would be able to perform under the EnVogue name after the original ladies parted ways.

Although she is no longer a part of the award-winning R&B group, she still takes pride in who she is and her accomplishments with EnVogue. That’s one reason she agreed to take on  “R&B Divas: LA.”  But, as we all know now, that didn’t work out too well, either.