michael b jordan & lacora stephens*On Tuesday, February 25th in Beverly Hills, EURweb associate, LaCora Stephens, was at the ICON MANN POWER 50 Pre-Oscar dinner to celebrate the achievements of today’s top Philanthropic African-American Men.

These are men working in the worlds of Entertainment, Education, Political, Finance, Arts/Culture and International Business.

Among those attending were Forest Whitaker, Michael Ealy, Laz Alonso, Michael B. Jordan, DeVon Franklin, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Stephen Bishop and many more.

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Though these great men were being honored as icons, they shared who their icon to our associate LaCora.

From Harry Bellafonte, Will Smith, Spike Lee, Samuel L. Jackson, Denzel Washington, Eddie Murphy and Jim Brown, these were the spoken legends of these powerful men.

The most interesting response was when Michael Ealy stated that Eddie Murphy was his icon.

“He came on the screen with so much swag and he never had to be the rich guy.  He could be the broke guy in the movie, but yet the smartest guy in the room.  I always respected that.”

When asked if Ealy had any jokes, he quickly said, no, with a smile on his face. Meanwhile, Andre Royo (“The Wire”) reflected how Samuel L. Jackson use to slap some sense into him while Stephen Bishop of “Being Mary Jane” said, “In my humble opinion, since the great Nelson Mandela passed, Jim Brown is now the most respected Black man on the face of the earth.