atlanta postcard*There are a lot of ways we can poke fun at the great city of Atlanta.

“The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” for one. Or being the hometown of Kris Kross (though those backwards pants were pretty awesome).

Or the fact that their baseball team continually turns into a pumpkin when October comes around – seriously, without that one World Series they’d be regarded as the new Buffalo Bills. Yeah, for all of that wonderful stuff Atlanta’s given us (Coca-Cola, Lil’ Jon, “The Walking Dead”), the city’s also given us plenty of fodder for humor.

Last week’s events, though … yeah, Atlanta, that’s just really, really shameful.

Those of us from the Northeast are guilty of a weather-related superiority complex at times, sure. Sometimes we go to a few too many extremes in looking down at those states who might not have as much experience with the type of bone-chilling, white-out, “Oh God, why do live here” type weather that pops up on a regular basis.

However…seriously, Atlanta? Two and a half inches of snow on the ground, and your city goes all “Day After Tomorrow?” I’m sorry, but there’s absolutely no excuse for this. We can understand if a huge chunk of your budget doesn’t go to road salt and plows and the like. However, if the forecast is that bad, and you don’t have the resources? Go ahead and shut down for a day or so. Stay inside and marvel at the winter wonderland outside. Keep the kids at home and stay off the roads, so we don’t have all those Demolition Derby videos up at World Star Hip Hop and we don’t hear stories of elementary schoolers stranded for hours upon hours.

With all the weather wackiness we’ve experienced in the past few years, odds are that we’re going to be seeing more of these freak snowstorms across the south and in places that just don’t usually have the snow. Let this be a warning to those places – you just can’t get too cautious when the forecast is bad. Take it from us Northeasterners. We know.