evelyn lozada*Evelyn Lozada is making the impending arrival of her baby boy an event with her recent baby shower.  So much so that Sister 2 Sister reports the “Basketball Wives” star put an elegant spin on the occasion.

“I didn’t want my baby shower to be too cheesy,” Lozada said in a new YouTube video of the event, which was held last weekend. “So we decided on “Diamonds and Diapers,” which every girl loves diamonds–lets just keep it real, its not just me–so we just wanted it to be different. ”

The new baby will be Lozada’s second child. She already has a daughter in 20-year-old Shaniece. Although she’s knows about raising a baby, Lozada confessed that this time around, things are a bit different.

“I haven’t had a baby in a long time and Lord knows that I feel like it’s my first. Everything’s new to me, I mean down to the formula,” she said while acknowledging the existence of organic baby formula.

“It’s just a whole new world,” Lozada added. “I’m super excited! I feel like I’m really able to enjoy this pregnancy because I’m older.”

While her excitement over the pregnancy is good to see, Lozada and her fiancé Carl Crawford do have the reality of choosing a name for her son to contend with.

“We’re kind of on the fence with a few names. So, I’m like, ‘Look, when he comes out, we’ll just decide what his name is,” she said. “I’m just happy he’s a boy and that he has a penis. I’m gonna keep it all the way real!”

To see footage of Evelyn Lozada’s baby shower, check out the video below: