Forest Whitaker*”In the movie, I do go over the edge a little bit! There’s one moment where even I think … when did I do that!”

Oscar winner Forest Whitaker stars in the new psychological thriller, “Repentance.”

EURweb’s Lee Bailey, sat down with the thespian to talk about the film and Whitaker’s firsthand experience with the mentally ill.

Lee Bailey: Is your character crazy?

Forest Whitaker: “I don’t think he is crazy. Think he is struggling with his own pain and issue. He has been trying to keep his life together. He lost his mom and he doesn’t understand why and as a result he’s taking medication; that doesn’t make you crazy.”

LB: What attracted you to this role?

FW: “The movie is a lot about dealing with your past pains and having to deal with past issues and address them and look at them to see about moving forward and this character has all those things. He’s a very complicated character in a lot of ways with mental challenges. To play all these things while seeking the truth was an interesting ground to walk.”

LB: How did you prepare for this role? What was it like playing this kind of character?

FW: “I did research. One of the first jobs I had in college was at a half way house for the mentally disturbed. Personally and internally it wasn’t fun to play this kind of role. The experience with the cast was fun.”

Repentance MovieIn the film, a successful author and spiritual advisor (Anthony Mackie) takes on a troubled man (Whitaker) as a client, completely unaware that the man’s fixation on his mother’s death will soon put his life in jeopardy.

“Repentance” is the first major film production of CodeBlack Films since its merger with Lions Gate Entertainment.

RepentanceThe thriller hits theaters this Friday, February 28.

Watch the multi-award winner talk about his new role here.