Omarosa-on-Bethenny-2013-1*When will people learn to keep their damn mouth shut!

Just ask big-mouth talk show host and former “Real Housewives of New York City” star Bethenney Frankel, who sparred with the one and only Omarosa, who was a guest on her show a while back.

With each performing vocal aerobics over their respective reality careers, it was the former “Apprentice” star that challenged Frankel over her past vicious comments; to which the RHONYC alumni placed her bet of $10K big ones; denying she had made any such remarks.

This, of course, before back peddling to admit that she had.

But here’s the thing, Omarosa is still waiting for her money. The reality star-turned-preacher told RadarOnline“She said ‘write the check’ right there on air. But when I got to my green room nobody said anything.”

Uh oh.

But ‘Rosa may be turning over a whole new leaf. Instead of hard feelings, she expressed confidence in Bethenny, who reportedly sold her SkinnyGirl empire for $100 million to deliver the check promptly.

“I’m sure she’ll honor her word. She said it live on air,” Omarosa told Radar.

As for the $10,000 payment, Omarosa said she has big plans for the bounty.

“ I’m a Baptist so I’m going to tithe 10% to the church! The rest will go to Michael’s foundation,” she said about the memorial fund of her late fiancé, Michael Clarke Duncan.

But here’s an update.

Sources tell Radar that the fight and the bet may have been staged. Well, its no surprise Bethenny’s show can use a ratings boost. Perhaps Omarosa was just being a friend by going along.

“There are some people who think that the fight wasn’t real and that by having a fight with Omarosa it would improve the ratings for Bethenny.”

What say you people?