jackie christie*There’s going to be drama!

And not only will there be drama, but fans can get an idea of what type and level of drama to expect.

Jackie Christie compared “BBWLA” season three  to “Love & Hip Hop” in the drama department. Uh oh!

“I know this season it’s a big turbulent ride, it’s uncut,” Jackie told TheJasmineBrand.com. “We’re getting what ‘Basketball Wives: Miami,’ ‘Basketball Wives’ first season, ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ everything all wrapped into one. This is going to be the biggest season we’ve had.”

But at the season three premiere she was a little nervous.

“I have never had big butterflies like I have tonight.”

Nevertheless, Christie has big hopes for the season! She thinks fans will warm up well to the show’s new blood.

“I brought Sundy Carter on and Brittish Williams and they are amazing,” she said. 

As for the more seasoned cast members, she kind of through shade their way.

The other girls [side eye] you know they’ll be here and we’ll see what happens with them. But tune in because the show is amazing.”

Draya Michele and Malaysia Pargo were not at the premiere party, but Christie cleared up why.

“Malaysia and Draya are not here because Malaysia and Draya was not invited but it’s not my doing,” she said. “I would have invited them but I don’t think they wanted to come.”

Watch Christie talk about “BBWLA” below: