janet mock, piers morgan*Janet Mock had to check Piers Morgan on Twitter!

But it’s a good thing she did because he was sensationalizing her story of womanhood and being trans while promoting her book “Redefining Realness” on his show.

Never identifying as such, referring to her as “being a boy until 18” and “been a man” — Mock quickly corrected him.

Morgan asked, “How would you feel if you found out the woman you are dating was formerly a man?” on Twitter. But Mock had to clear up “being a man” with Morgan. “@PiersMorganLive I was not ‘formerly a man.’ Pls stop sensationalizing my life and misgendering trans women. #redefiningrealness.”

But Morgan tried to flip the script on Mock  by playing the victim himself.

“Very disappointed in @janetmock’s tweets tonight. Deliberately, and falsely, fuelling some sense of me being ‘transphobic’. Unpleasant,” he said, adding, “I’ve never been subjected to the kind of nonsense that @janetmock and her supporters are accusing me of now…wish I’d never booked her.”

He continued to attack other trans advocates, “as for all the enraged transgender supporters, look at how STUPID you’re being. I’m on your side, you dimwits.”

But Mock went back on his show to clarify that she was a baby assigned a sex and once she had enough agency to be herself that’s exactly what she did. It had nothing to do transitioning genitalia, but she’s always been a girl and her family accepted that when she was six.

She let Morgan know that if she spent so much time clarifying being a girl and NEVER being a boy than she’ll be wasting time advocating for trans rights: joblessness, poverty, verbal and physical violence, and lack thereof health care.

Watch Janet Mock’s interview below: