*Valentine’s Day might have been a week ago, but one of the “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star’s made a special trip for love.

OK, well a very long trip for love… to Africa to be exact.

Kenya Moore traveled to Nigeria to spend Valentine’s Day with her who she calls her African prince.


She revealed that much on Instagram with a pic of her ticket (above) and a caption to follow.

“After 2 days of cancelled fights I finally made it out of NY. Just 12 hrs left. #happyvalentinesday in advance. #iminlovewithlove”

As for her cast mates, none of them besides NeNe Leakes have met Moore’s boyfriend, but he’s definitely real.

But although Moore has shared parts of her life as celebrity in the past — meaning she IS a reality TV star — she has been pretty secretive about her current boyfriend.

She’s claimed to have learn from mistakes of the past in sharing such personal details.

One thing is for sure, she definitely seems very much so in love. She did say she’s in love with love.

Maybe now she’s closer to making a decision on if her new love will father the baby she plans to have soon.

But she did say, “I fear a lot of things by having a child with my African friend. He lives I don’t even know how many miles away. Do I want to have a child knowing that my life will change not only where my children would live, but where I would live.”

Well, only time will tell how this romance develops and what Moore shares about the relationship.