kenya moore & apollo nida*Sounds like she has her fingers crossed. But not really since the odds are in her opinion’s favor.

Kenya Moore is confident Phaedra Parks‘ husband Apollo Nida will end up behind bars for his crimes.

Nida was charged recently with bank fraud and identity theft.

“Absolutely,” More replied to host Bethenny Frankel on her show after being asked if she thinks Nida will go back to jail.

Once upon a time, Moore and Nida were friendly until he told his wife about Moore being interested in him to cover his own behind.

“I don’t have anything to say to him after the lies that he’s told on me, so I don’t have a reason to have a conversation with him,” she told Bethenny.

But she did expect an apology from Nida or Parks after he lashed out at her friend Brandon DeShazer at that infamous pillow talk event.

Nida became aggressive towards DeShazer after he accidentally struck Nida when Nida was helping Peter Thomas separate DeShazer and Christopher Williams.

But an apology never happened. The fight could have been Nida’s way of getting back at Moore.

“That whole situation was so crazy, and he acted like an animal, and I don’t know what was to blame for that,” she said.

But Moore said fighting is not the “RHOA” brand and the show will be number one without fighting.

Watch the interview below: