Kevin_Hart*With a string of successful movies under his belt as well as the gift to make people laugh, Kevin Hart is Hollywood’s new “it guy.”

And the funnyman shows no signs of giving up that title as he promotes his new film, a remake of the ‘80’s romantic comedy “About Last Night.”

In the feature, which also stars Michael Ealy, Regina Hall and Joy Bryant, Hart plays Bernie, a loud-mouthed womanizer who has to decide whether to commit to feisty would-be girlfriend Joan (Regina Hall). Speaking with Hart shares his thoughts on his “About Last Night” remake as well as his state of mind regarding his present and future.

“About Last Night” looked like a lot of fun to make. How was it to riff and improv with Regina Hall?

I thank God I had Regina to work off of because the chemistry in this movie is through the roof. She’s pound for pound, one of the funniest women on the planet. I’m an improv warrior. That’s what I do, it’s second nature and I can go all day, but Regina did not miss a beat. You can count on one hand the women that can feed off of that type of comedic energy and Regina Hall should definitely be in that conversation.

The film is not only comedy, but it also tries to show the emotional side of your relationship with her character.

It’s a different look for me. I’ve switched it up a bit. I think women are going to appreciate it and I think that men are going to relate to it, because I’m playing a character that I made a point of making as real as possible. This guy does exist. I’ve been this guy. You see me get emotional, you see me get angry, and then at the same time you see me show a charming side. I’ve got levels.

What’s different about this film vs. the original 1986 movie?

The original was a great movie. We can’t do what that movie did because that movie’s already on a pedestal. We just wanted to take that mold and modernize it, and I think we did a great job of making it fit for today’s society and today’s relationship do’s and don’ts.

People are calling this a renaissance in black film. Where do you think black film is headed?

I think the whole stigma of “black movies” is slowly being lost. When you look at movies like “12 Years A Slave,” to “The Butler,” to “The Best Man,” to “Ride Along,” to even “Think Like A Man” from last year – these movies are just good movies. They’re movies that everybody’s going to see, and I think that because of the box office results you can’t deny a film being a good film. Granted it takes time, but I love the fact that people are going to associate this as being a good movie regardless of the color of the cast.

Now I have done some black movies, yeah. I did a movie I hope nobody knows about called “Something Like A Business.” I’ll be the first to say there’s some films that should be called “black movies.” But this and some other movies I’ve done are just good films.

“About Last Night” arrives in theaters on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

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