regina hall & kevin hart (screenshot - about last night)*102.3FM KJLH (Los Angeles) air personality Don Amiche sat down with the always cra-zay Kevin Hart and the always gorgeous Regina Hall to discuss their new flick “About Last Night.”

Before they got into the interview, Amiche (who’s lightskinned) asked Kevin Hart if he was “upset that Michael Ealy was bring lightskinned (brothers) back?”

“Naw, here’s the thing (about) why you guys are always gonna be behind,” Hart a/k/a Chocolate Droppa responded without missing a beat. “It’s your hair. It’s the curly hair. You guys are balding at a fast rate.”

Hart went on to hilariously explain that without curl enhancer products it would all over for the lightskinned dudes with the curly hair. Then Kevin zeroed in on what hurt the lightskinned comeback movent: Al B. Sure. Yeah, really.

“I’mm tell ypou messed y’all up … Al. B. Sure,” Kevin said while grinning and cracking up Regina Hall and Amiche.”Al B. Sure tried to comeback, but he was fat!” Then he added, “Al B. Sure came back fat a froggy (sounding).

Anyway, check out the interview for lots more.