Scott Mescudi stars as Benny in “Need for Speed”

Scott Mescudi stars as Benny in “Need for Speed”

*Rapper Kid Cudi makes his feature film debut next month in the high-octane thriller “Need for Speed.” It’s based on the popular Electronic Arts video game series, but DreamWorks says the film takes on the tone of 70s car-culture movies.

“Breaking Bad” actor Aaron Paul stars as Tobey Marshall, a small-time street racer who signs up for a New York-to-Los Angeles race to get revenge after he’s framed for the death of his friend Pete.

Cudi plays Benny, a member of Tobey’s crew who doubles as a car detailer at Tobey’s auto shop. He’s also a helicopter pilot in the Army reserves, literally swooping in when needed to help Tobey get out of some rough spots during the race.


Cudi, who uses his birth name Scott Mescudi in Hollywood, got to experience his flying stunts first-hand, having to act while airborne in “two different helicopters and one Cessna plane.”

He said it was “nerve-wracking,” but had no choice to “embrace it.” Listen below.

“Need for Speed” flies into theaters on March 14. Watch the trailer below.