kordell matchmaker

*Former NFL quarterback Kordell Stewart needs a little assistance in moving on from his ex-wife, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart, following their nasty divorce.

According to RadarOnline.com, the ex-athlete visited matchmaker Shanae Hall, who filmed the session and put it up on her YouTube page. [Click through to watch.]

Hall, who wrote “Why Do I Have to Think Like a Man?,” spent a day trying to get a sense of what Stewart is looking for – and he was quick say that it’s not a man, as longtime rumors have suggested.

“Too many beautiful women in this world to be indulging in a sexual relationship with another man,” Kordell said.

Next, the matchmaker asked him about what type of woman he’s most interested in dating.

“She don’t have to be a 10, but I for sure don’t want less than an 8,” the former Pittsburgh Steelers player replied, adding that he considers actress Gabrielle Union to be “an 8.”

Kordell, who was previously linked to reality star Towanda Braxton, continued to describe his dream girl.

“I don’t want a six… My thing is, as long as she takes care of herself. Really, that’s the gist of it. Long as she takes care of herself, I’m good. I want to enjoy looking at you too.”

According to Kordell, there is one thing that is non-negotiable.

“An ass is mandatory,” he said.

“The body has to have curves. We all want to be psychologically stimulated. My loins get to moving,” he said. “For me, it’s mental for me, not necessarily always physical. But I would like to psychologically indulge.”

Watch below.