kwame-kilpatrick*Somebody or rather somebodies must really love Kwame Kilpatrick.

According to Fox 2 News Detroit, a trust has been set up for the imprisoned former Detroit mayor to help fight his federal conviction for extortion, bribery, conspiracy and other crimes as well as finance his legal defense.

Kilpatrick who is currently serving 20 years in federal prison, was ordered to pay $4.6 million for a series of crooked deals he allegedly committed while serving as mayor after a 6-month trial and unanimous jury verdict last year. Despite his conviction, Kilpatrick has always denied wrongdoing for the crimes he’s been accused and convicted of doing.

The trust for Kilpatrick, known as the “Freedom and Justice Trust,” is chaired by the politician’s mother, former U.S. congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick. Its purpose is to “raise money to free Kwame Kilpatrick from prison, and support efforts to realize justice in his legal fight.”

Since entering prison, Kilpatrick has been active on social media with Facebook postings about his experiences behind bars.

” … in spending time here, I have the unique opportunity to accomplish the greatest thing that any man can. The opportunity to learn myself,” the former politician wrote on December 17.

For more information about the Freedom and Justice Trust, visit Donations for Kilpatrick, per the site,
are “gifts” and “not tax-deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes.” Donors who give less than $14,000 will not be subject to a gift tax. In addition, there is a no refund policy for donations.