DMX and George Zimmerman*Opinions may be split on a celebrity boxing pitting George Zimmerman against rapper DMX, but one person is putting her view on the upcoming event into action.

The person in question is Janet Dickerson, who voiced her opposition to the upcoming event via an online petition she started on

According to reports, Dickerson started the petition to drum up support in putting a stop to the fight, which is being organized by Damon Feldman.

“I thought it was a complete demonstration of disrespect to Trayvon’s parents, to Trayvon himself and to the many people who feel impacted by this injustice,” Dickerson told NewsOne. “It became clear that people were really outraged by this, so I thought that it would certainly be worthwhile to put up this petition. And I see on his Twitter feed that he is trying to create a racialized event.”

janet dickerson

Janet Dickerson

News of the fight has sparked debate on social media, much of which was been directed at Feldman, who recently took to Twitter to address those who had more than a few words to say about him and his motivation for putting the bout together. In addition, Feldman’s announcement of the fight came around the time of Martin’s birthday. Martin would’ve turned 19 on Feb. 5.

Prior to picking DMX to go toe to toe with Zimmerman for the boxing match, Dickerson’s petition had only 114 signatures. As it stands now, the petition has more than 15,000 signatures towards its goal of 100,000.

“I’m not trying to start a personal thing with Mr. Feldman,” Dickerson said while acknowledging the criticism thrown Feldman’s way. This is about community building. This is about organizing people on an issue that everyone is outraged about and urging them to tweet about it. Of course he will be included in my tweets and I’m pretty sure at this point that he knows he has been put on notice. But I didn’t want to make it a person thing. I wanted to keep it where it was, which is a community issue, something that we have an obligation to speak up and out about and honor the memory of Trayvon and his family.”

Although DMX has promised to “beat his ass”, the rhymesayer’s agent, Domenick Nati, says that “no contract or paperwork has been signed or agreed to yet.”

“DMX will release an official statement if and when an agreement is made,” he stated.

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