michael sam*Michael Sam’s decision to announce he’s gay has garnered reaction from a lot of people, including first lady Michelle Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

On Monday, Mrs. Obama and Biden weighed in on Sam via Twitter, the Associated Press reports.

The University of Missouri football player has been the subject of conversation among sports fans since he publicly declared on Sunday that he is gay.

Mrs. Obama expressed on how she “couldn’t be prouder” of Sam’s courage, both on and off the field with a tweet signed “-mo.” The signature is how the White House marks messages personally sent by the first lady.

“Your courage is an inspiration to all of us,” said Biden, who signed his tweet “-VP,” a designation that the vice president sent the message personally.

White House spokesman Jay Carney echoed the appreciation as he relayed the president’s praise for Sam by saying the command-in-chief “shares the sentiments expressed by the first lady and the vice president and so many others in marveling at his courage and congratulating him on the decisions he’s made, on the support he’s had from his team and wishing him well in the future, including in professional football.”

With the upcoming NFL draft, Sam could become the first openly homosexual player in the league. Later this month, he’s scheduled to participate in the NFL’s weeklong scouting camp in Indianapolis. Current projections point to Sam being a mid-round draft pick in May.

In regards to Sam’s announcement, Carney said it should not affect his standing on the NFL draft and that his abilities should be measured by his performance.

“And in this case, his performance has been exceptional,” Carney said.