Michael Sam's dad*Although he says much of a recent New York Times story featuring him was accurate, Michael Sam’s father is upset with the publication for misquoting him and taking some of his comments out of context.

Raw Story reports that the elder Sam is now saying he was “terribly misquoted” by the Times. The comments in question revolve around a quote about NFL Hall of Fame defensive lineman Deacon Jones “turning over in his grave.”

“I told them Deacon Jones is going to roll over in his grave because here comes my son and that he’s going to be a star in the NFL,” Sam Sr. told the Galveston Daily News.

In the Times’ article, Sam Sr. is quoted saying he’s “old school” and “a man-and-a-woman type of guy” who wouldn’t want his grandchildren raised in that kind of environment, and while he supports his son no matter what, he’s not too keen on the idea of a gay man in the NFL, no matter who he is.

The publication also noted how Sam Sr. expressed discomfort at the very idea of a gay N.F.L. player, even if the player was his son.

Despite Sam Sr.’s objections, the Times is standing by its story.