michelle obama (waving)*When stars come together, they make stuff happen.

Michelle Obama raised a fundraiser at “Everybody Hates Chris” Phil Rosenthal‘s home for the Democratic National Committee.

And the celebrity list was star-studded — raising $700,000!

The stars included Barbra Streisand and husband James Brolin as well as LA mayor Eric Garcetti and Tim Robbins.

Obama spoke about the six seats that could cost them the Senate, but they are 17 away from gaining the House. This could mean the repeal of the ACA, interference with a woman’s ability to obtain contraception, the banning of same-sex marriage, cutting off unemployment insurance.

“What I want all of you to think about for just a minute is what could happen if we lose those six seats. That’s just the beginning,” she said. “Thirty-seven governor’s seats are up for grabs, nearly 3/4 of our state houses. We’ve got state legislatures in play, and remember, these are the folks who draw those congressional districts.”

She continued with, “So starting right now, today, we need to be as passionate and as hungry as we were in 2008 and 2012, in fact we need to be even more passionate and more hungry, because these races will be even harder and even closer than those presidential elections.”

“She was very frank,” said one person at the event. “She said, ‘This is where it counts.'”