Mike Epps*Comedian, film producer, writer and rapper Mike Epps is back on the big screen.

The actor stars alongside Forest Whitaker in new psychological thriller, “Repentance.”

Epps spoke with EURweb’s Lee Bailey, about his new dramatic role.

Lee Bailey: Tell us about your character.

Mike Epps: “He is confused. He’s been in an institution. He is not motivated in life. Something has scared him and hurt him as a kid. He is loyal to a fault when it comes to his brother and his family. He is willing to take himself down.

LB: In the film it appears your character hates his brother, why?

ME: In relationships, especially with brothers, sometimes they have a love, hate relationship. He was a fan of his brother. He represented hope for him because his life wasn’t going well. He was a little jealous. The girl brought in a little tension between the brothers because they both liked her and wanted her. So if, you picked up any hate from him it was that. At the end of the day he still loves his brother.”

LB: What can you tell us about the ending of the movie? What happened?

ME: “I don’t know what happened! All I know is you hear a gunshot and it’s over. I don’t know who got shot.”

Mike EppsLB: You have been doing more and more dramatic roles, why?

ME: I’ve done comedy for so many years. At some point you the question is, do you want to make money or be respected and now I am looking for respect in the business.”

LB: How is the industry responding to your dramatic side?

ME: “I think they’re accepting me as a diverse artist. I’m just glad, I’m able to challenge myself and be versatile because we all know this business can be short lived especially if you get typed cast. That’s why I love guys like Samuel Jackson, who have been able to be in hundreds of movies and sustain a career.”

repentance Repentance is set for limited release in US theaters this Friday.

Watch Epps’ full interview here.