Rapper Missy Elliott hosts the evening at HAZE Nightclub in Las Vegas. (May 16, 2013)
Rapper Missy Elliott hosts the evening at HAZE Nightclub in Las Vegas. (May 16, 2013)

*It’s been almost a decade wince Missy Elliott released her last album, “The Cookbook,” in 2005, but she’s not worried about the long absence affecting her career.

In an interview with Yahoo’s “Yo Show,” she said the time hasn’t been right to drop another album.

“When I create something, it’s got to be special,” she said. “And it can’t just be to throw something out there because I feel like I’m Missy.”

“I don’t throw out just microwave records,” she added. (Watch the entire interview below.)

Elliott hasn’t disappeared entirely since “The Cookbook.” She put out several singles over the past few years, including two songs in 2012 that revived her collaboration with Timbaland. She earned a 2014 Best R&B Song Grammy nomination for “Without Me,” Fantasia Barrino’s hit track, which features Elliot and Kelly Rowland.

Her fans, however, are waiting for another full length album. They’ll have to be patient.

“I’m just trying to make sure that what I give is 100 percent because I know the expectation is high from my fans, and it’s high of myself,” she said.

Elliott didn’t reveal when she would debut any new music of her own, but the rapper did confirm that she is currently working with Faith Evans on her upcoming album.