wade robson & michael jackson*He claims childhood memory loss on one hand, the opposing hand calls it BS.

Michael Jackson‘s estate called out Wade Robson on lying about his accusations that MJ molested him and the repressed memories.

And MJ’s lawyer Howard Weitzman is calling out the choreographer for lies.

Weitzman said if any of this true, Robson should’ve filed when MJ’s estate was in probate court in 2009.

The lawyer got Robson to confess in a deposition he knew about the guardianship disputes over MJ’s kids back in 2009. 

The whole world knew about it, so Weitzman isn’t buying it.

Speaking of buying it, Robson, of course, wants a piece of that estate $$$.

Yet the repressed memory is the story he’s sticking behind.

Last year, it’s when those “repressed memories” resurfaced in what Robson said MJ, “performed sexual acts on me and forced me to perform sexual acts on him.”

But Robson denied MJ molested him in 2005, but now claims he lied.

Well, he sure does know how to change his story.