MSNBC Host Joy Reid Talks Network's Diversity

*MSNBC continues to diversify cable news!

Joy Reid who was known as an MSNBC contributor and managing editor of is now known for her show, “The Reid Report.”

And she’s among a line up of a growing number of MSNBC hosts of color.

This line up includes Tamron Hall, Melissa Harris-Perry and Al Sharpton among others.

Reid recently interviewed with HuffPost Live about MSNBC diversifying cable news.

Reid said it’s a beautiful thing that MSNBC is recognizing the need to diversify its on-air talent since one-third of MSNBC viewership is black.

“This is just good constituent service to make sure that the people who watch our network see themselves reflected in all of our variety,” Reid said. “Having people who reflect the whole spectrum of humanity is just the job of news organizations. I don’t think MSNBC should be unusual. Everyone should be doing that.”

Cable news is known for its lack of diversity, but MSNBC seems to be the only network changing that. The network has more African-American, Hispanic, and Asian viewers in its key demographic during weekday primetime compared to lacking CNN and Fox News.

“You can’t give the news to a diverse 300-million-person country by only representing a slice of it,” she said.

And MSNBC has definitely gotten that memo.

Watch her HuffPost Live interview below:

(MSNBC Host Joy Reid Talks Network’s Diversity )