zimmerman & dmx*The National Action Network of Los Angeles calls for a national boycott of the proposed George Zimmerman celebrity boxing match along with any corporate sponsor that advertises and supports this event.

George Zimmerman has been chosen to fight in a televised Celebrity Boxing Match slated for March 1; his opponent is rapper and actor DMX.

“George Zimmerman is a child murderer and not a celebrity.  George Zimmerman entering a celebrity boxing tournament where he will be compensated financially for entertainment is irresponsible and a disgrace to Trayvon Martin and his family. We should not be making a public mockery out of this serious situation. Instead of supporting this foolery, the public can support the Trayvon Martin Foundation and help fight to change legislation so this miscarriage of justice never happens again. Zimmerman fighting DMX who is a bi-polar crackhead will not end this form of legalized racism in the law. We have to focus on the big picture,  “stated Najee Ali political director for the National Action Network.

“Our organization is asking that everyone contact boxing promoter Damon Feldman. (Twitter name @Hollywoodbox11; email [email protected]) and demand that he withdraw his invitation to George Zimmerman for the Celebrity Boxing Match. The hashtag #stopthefight can be used on Twitter so that others may join the call to action. The National Action Network is determined to stop this disgraceful boxing match and needs your support,” stated Rev. K.W.Tulloss, President, LA Chapter, National Action Network.