*Their feud isn’t over! It might be just beginning.

NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton have definitely fallen out since they were once best friends.

And Twitter is their platform to showcase their dislike for one another!

It’s pretty straightforward dislike too!

Sometimes with Twitter there can be so much shade, but the ladies were very honest and nasty about how they feel about each other.

“There’s rules 2 friendship,” Leakes tweeted during the show before going in on Hampton. “I was a true loyal friend! I supported Manlow when Bravo said ‘she’s not our brand’ none of the housewives wanted her around! None.”

And Hampton clapped right back! Oh, the shots that were fired though…

“You have yet to play by any…#youhavetobeaREALfriend #tohaveaFriend” Marlo directly replied to NeNe. “Manlow? That’s laughable coming from someone that has on Donald trumps hair piece and mr ed, the talking horses fake teeth.”

And Leakes replied with a plan to make the Manlow name stick.

”I will never have anything 2 do wit Manlow or Krayonce again n life! NEVER,” she replied.

But was Leakes trying to be the bigger person? According to Hampton, she tried to call her the night before, but Hampton ignored her.

“Funny how Donald trump called me last night to settle this off camera! Mad b/c your BRIDEmaid left you boo?” Hampton tweeted.

Well, it seems like these two have officially fallen out. Fans of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” will most likely get to see their drama continuing to unravel not only onscreen, but on social media as well.