Nico and Vinz*2 Oslo, Norway natives are putting Norwegian R&B/hip-hop on the map.

Nico & Vinz, formerly known as ‘Envy‘, signed a worldwide deal with Warner Bros.

Nico Sereba, 22 and Vincent Dery, 22, have secured pan-Nordic success.

“We’ve signed a huge deal,” Nico told “This clearly proves the record label’s enthusiasm. We are committed to do the job that now needs to be done. The real job starts now. Props to our fantastic team and loyal fans!”

Their first single, “Am I Wrong” quickly reached the number two spot on the Norwegian charts and neighboring countries like Sweden and Denmark.

Watch “Am I Wrong”:

“This is huge!” CEO of Warner Music Norway, Guttorm Raa, told “Envy proves that concerted and focused efforts do pay off! Everyone at Warner Music Norway is immensely proud and we can’t wait to be part of the continued success.”

Founded in 2009, Nico & Vinz have won a Norwegian Grammy, have hit singles on the Norwegian charts and won the Emergenza Festival.

Nico and Vinz The duo caught national attention in 2011, after their performance at the music festival. Then they released the hit single “One Song“, toured the entire country and won the Spellemann (the Norwegian equivalent to a Grammy award) for best music video.

In 2012, their debut album “The Magic Soup and The Bittersweet Faces” was released.

Nico & Vinz spent the year writing new music and returned with a vengeance in spring 2013.

Nico and VinzIn January 2014, the duo announced on their YouTube account, they were changing their name to Nico & Vinz.

You can listen to the groups singles “In Your Arms,” “Am I Wrong,” “Go Loud,” “One Song,” and “Set to Go,” and mixtape “Dreamworks: Why Not Me” on YouTube.

To watch “Am I Wrong” click below.

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