Oliver Stone

Oliver Stone

*Filmmaker Oliver Stone says President Barack Obama is a “weak man” who has abandoned the principles he espoused on the campaign trail about civil liberties and foreign policy.

“He’s a weak man,” Stone told an audience of libertarian students at the 2014 Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C., according to Mediaite reports.

“Something happened because none of the things he promised . . . transparency, a government that would reconsider the war on terror and these programs . . . none of that happened, none of it. The man stunned us with a lack of spine,” Stone added during the panel discussion, titled Imperial Overreach and the National Security State.

He went on to further criticize the President for not keeping his campaign promises.

“On everything he backed down,” Stone told the audience. “I was stunned.”

The director was joined during a panel discussion by liberal journalist Jeremy Scahill, who blasted MSNBC for failing to hold the president to account for “overreach” on issues such as targeted assassinations, covert operations, and military interventions.

“MSNBC is like watching one big Obama for America meet-up,” Scahill said, adding that Fox News is guilty of perpetrating “conspiracy theories” about the president.

Stone has been vocal about his disappointment with Obama in the past. Most memorably, Stone reportedly referred to the President as “a snake” during a similar discussion in Tokyo last year.

He issued similar critiques of Obama’s record in a documentary series he released in 2012 entitled “The Untold History of the United States.”