peter thomas

*Sounds like someone is facing financial woes! Or is he?

The Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Peter Thomas has been sued for allegedly falling behind on his Bar One’s rent.

Thomas is being taken to court, and guess how much money he apparently owes?

Property owners Eloshua Elliott and Showtime Cafe claim Thomas owes more than $100,000 in back rent.

Thomas’ rent is $10,000 a month and according to the owners, he stopped paying from March to December 2013.

Legal documents state Thomas “breached a lease agreement by failing to pay rent and other fees including late fees, bank charges, real estate property taxes and unpaid utilities.”

But of course, Thomas denies these claims and has a reasonable explanation as to why he’s been accused of owing money.

Thomas claims he’s been paying rent to Elliott through Showtime Cafe yet the company has been passing his rent along to First Fidelity to cover mortgage payments. Showtime Cafe is facing foreclosure.

“I’ve been caught in the middle of the crossfire,” Peter said. “I don’t owe them anything.”

Thomas is also being sued for $29,000 for The Bailey Agency, which is another property he’s renting for his entertainment group.

But he claims he has no issues paying his rent for either his bar or agency.

Thomas noted he spent $120,000 for the space his wife, Cynthia Bailey is using.