Screen-shot-2014-02-16-at-10.10.27-PM-595x394*In one of his rawest interviews yet, radio/TV personality, Charlamagne Tha God, gives media partner more insight into his growing brand.

The South Carolina native opens up about what working with Wendy Williams taught him and what he misses most about their relationship, if he feels any pressure to live up to his bad boy-brutally honest persona, the secrets to his Vision Board, along with his transition to TV (Charlamagne & Friends). Check out a few excerpts.

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On why he thinks The Breakfast Club radio show is so popular:

Popularity comes from awareness. Even if we were good at what we were doing, if nobody saw us doing it, we probably wouldn’t be popular. I think awareness and the fact that we do great interviews, we are great at what we do, and we make a lot of people aware of it but we make people aware of it….I make their jobs easier and thank god for the blogs. If it wasn’t for yall, the Breakfast Club wouldn’t be in the position that we are today.

On how his new show, Charlamagne & Friends came about: 

My thoughts become things. I always said that I wanted to do a late night talk show. That is something that I always expressed. I would always express that. I always said that and it is funny because I always said that I want to be like the next Arsenio Hall because Arsenio’s show is so dope.

On if he misses his relationship with Wendy Williams: 

Charlamagne: Yes, absolutely because you always want that mentorship, especially now because it is like, who do you talk to about certain things? Of course the best person to talk to would be somebody that has been in that position, who has been there but she gave me everything I needed for those three years. People come into your life for reasons, seasons, and lifetimes. Everything I learned in those three years, I still have them with me now. She did her job. That is Wendy though. Anybody that has ever worked for Wendy or knows Wendy – that’s how Wendy is. Wendy will give you the opportunity. You either make the most of the opportunity or you don’t. I’m one that made the most of the opportunity. I do nothing but solute that women.

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