savannah james*(Via iDateDaily) – We previously reported the top four celebrity wives who are shamelessly married to their man for the money.

These women are eager to boast and brag about their material possessions and luxurious vacations.

They rarely use their platform for anything of substance.These women, whose husbands aren’t necessarily revered as sëx symbols, have a track record of seeking fame and money. Sadly, their successful husbands have afforded them to have just that — fame and money.

Fortunately, there are a handful of celebrity wives who are not addicted to money or fame; and they appear to genuinely love their spouse. These women often use their social media platforms to give their followers words of encouragement and/or sound advice. They also seem to be far more ambitious than the previously discussed celebrity wives; they create their own opportunities and are eager to step out of their successful spouse’s overbearing shadow.

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