nicki minaj

**Via iDateDaily) – Nicki Minaj recently dropped a song called “Looking Αss Ni**α” that set the internet ablaze.

With much controversy and rebuttal songs from men, it’s only right that I leave my 2 cents. Sophisticated brothers look also, but we look at more than you may think.

Here are 4 things you can catch us, Sophisticated Brothers, looking at:

1. Stimulating Conversation – Your conversation is important. Your words cast spells and therefore can either cause us to lucid dream about the wonderful possibilities or be frustrated at how you epitomize “all beauty but no brains.”

2. How clean you keep yourself + house – There’s absolutely nothing worse than a woman who can not maintain herself or her living headquarters. Cluttered purses, messy bathrooms, unkept kitchen counters, smelly vagina, you get my point. I understand the pressures women face to look like models and reality TV stars, but a woman that’s refined wins every time. Keep it tight ladies.

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