2014 all star game logo*(Via iDateDaily) – I’m writing this article in the spirit of the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend event happening in New Orleans, Louisiana this weekend.

We know that groupies all over have purchased their best weave, expensive stilettos and most scantily clad outfits to participate in their own version of the NBA draft for this event.

Now in my opinion, these women have no real substance. When life evolves around the hustle of making yourself as beautiful as possible on the outside in hopes of locking down a wealthy man for a piece of what’s in his pocket — and if you’re “lucky”, a segment of his spërm — you are sad. Now the real question is WHY do our men, the African American ones in particular, keep falling for this $h%t?! Excuse my French.

Last week’s article was about the modern-day bold side chick, and now I must highlight the winning groupie.

The recent takeover of reality TV on the airwaves has given us a peak into the lives of women who have dated famous, wealthy male celebrities.

Time and time again I wonder why most of them are nothing more than a pretty face and banging body that has graced the cover of some D-list magazines. They like to pretend to have class and demand respect from society but have given society no reason to respect what they represent.

They lack intelligence, are horrible role models, and have sold their souls for d*ck, money, and D-list fame — YET, they are richer and more profitable than most other women in society who are holding on to their dignity and using their intangible attributes to stake their claim in the world. So with that I ask one question of the men: Why?

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