diamond ring on hand*(Via iDateDaily) – There used to be a time when gold diggers hid their motive.

You wouldn’t know with certainty that they married a wealthy man solely for his money until years down the line when the relationship is coming to an end.

Nowadays, celebrity gold-digging wives are shamelessly flaunting their man’s riches. They have no problem letting you know that they are in the relationship for the money and/or fame and spend a great deal of their time uploading photo after photo after photo (primarily) of themselves sporting high-end fashion brands that cost the same amount of money as the average person’s rent or car note.

 These gold-digging wives also enjoy snapping a slew of photos showing off their elaborate getaways with family and friends. For these women, simply being fabulous and spending their man’s money is their occupation.

Very seldom do they share anything of substance (e.g. a historical painting) to elevate the thinking of their followers. They are shameless and relentless in their efforts to garner as much attention as money can buy them.

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