Dexter King, Rev. Bernice King and Martin Luther King III*The daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is sticking to her guns regarding a lawsuit filed against her by her own brothers.

The Rev. Bernice King officially addressed the legal situation Thursday during a press conference at Atlanta’s historic Ebenezer Baptist Church. The occasion marks the first time Dr. King’s youngest daughter has publicly responded to the lawsuit. In her eyes, the conflict goes deeper than what’s on the surface legally.

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“I will always love my brothers, but we are of different minds and most importantly, different relationships with God,” said an emotional King, who is the youngest daughter of her famous father. “I know my position is right. It’s about standing on principle.”

King’s press conference and emotional stance are the latest developments surrounding her family’s internal drama via the lawsuit, which was filed by her older brothers, Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King III. At the center of the lawsuit is a request by the King brothers for a judge to force their sister to give up their father’s Nobel Peace Prize and “traveling” Bible, which were used during President Obama’s second inauguration.

The King brothers’ lawsuit alludes that Bernice King violated a 1995 agreement that gave the estate of Dr. King ownership of all their father’s property in light of the fact that she has “secreted and sequestered” the Bible and Nobel prize. The estate is controlled by the King brothers.

“They are hidden in plain sight,” Bernice King said. “They know where they are. But God put them beyond their reach.”

“These items should never be sold to any person, as I say it, or any institution, because they’re sacred,” she continued while emphasizing the importance of maintaining her father’s legacy and preserving a piece of history. “I take this strong position for my father because Daddy is not here to say himself my Bible and medals are never to be sold.”

King takes additional shots at her brothers in a statement that was issued on Tuesday against the pair. According to the statement, the King brothers approached Bernice King prior to filing their lawsuit against her. The brothers, King stated, approached her about selling “our father’s most prized possessions.”

At this time, the brothers have yet to publicly comment on they’re pending lawsuit. Although the King brothers are currently silent on the matter, Dr. Joseph Lowery weighed in on the situation, telling that he was “deeply disturbed” even by the suggestion of selling King’s Bible and Nobel Peace Prize.

“I don’t even want to admit there’s a discussion about putting those items on the market,” said Lowery, a major figure in the civil rights movement who marched with Dr. King. “They are sacred items, not only are they sacred to the family but they’re sacred to the community. They represent Martin’s life work and commitment to justice and serving God.”

“I hope [the King brothers] can resolve whatever financial difficulties they have without selling these items,” he added.