Maybach Music Rick Ross*Rick Ross and his Maybach Music team have been sued for missing a show in London last year.

Ross, Wale, Stalley, Meek Mill and Omarion were all scheduled to hit the stage at the Wembly Arena but flaked out after the promoter spent over $100,000 in appearance fees.

The promoter not only took a loss with the $100k but also gave an additional advance of $93,281.26 for flights and other expenses. Negotiations fell off when Meek wanted to reschedule and the promoters want their money back.

According to reports Ross, the boss, made more off the show than his roster taking in $100,000, while Meek got $40,000, Wale $35,000, Omarion $12,000 and Stalley $5,000.

Ross has faced his fair share of troubles in the last couple of years after being targeted during a drive-by shooting and losing endorsements over the “rape lyric” controversy. As for legal allegations he was also sued by a tour promoter back in April over a 2004 show and by a jeweler who says Rozay flaked on an agreement to pay $90,000 for three custom Rolex watches.