‘I’m Just Trying to Get Her Back’

Robin Thicke

*Days after news of divorce broke through, Robin Thicke is not calling it quits with his marriage to Paula Patton.

The singer, who has been on the receiving end of mixed comments regarding the split, confessed to TMZ that he isn’t ready to end his marriage, saying, “”I’m just trying to get her back.”

Thicke’s admittance came as he arrived in Washington D.C. Thursday afternoon for a concert that night. (Scroll down to watch.)

Regarding whether he will change his show in light of his personal situation, the entertainer stated that his performance would remain the same despite some of his songs being about Patton.

Thicke’s determination to not give up on his marriage is the latest development in the continuing saga surrounding his pending divorce. According to TMZ, the “Blurred Lines” vocalist received a call last Friday from Patton, who said their marriage was over. Soon after, Thicke was on a plane to Canada — where Patton was filming a movie – to change her mind. Nevertheless, the attempt failed.

Since news broke of Thicke’s broken marriage, media sources have speculated that the singer’s infamous VMA performance with Miley Cyrus was the final straw for Patton. Sources at TMZ say the actress was livid and felt “utterly disrespected” by her husband simulating sex onstage with Cyrus. Despite the sexual vibe, Thicke assured the web site that the performance had nothing to do with problems surrounding his marriage.

Overall, the singer revealed that he’s just trying to figure things out.

To see Robin Thicke’s encounter with TMZ, click on the video below: