SanaaLathan*She wasn’t too sure about one of her popular films gaining a sequel and she wasn’t too sure about another either.

Sanaa Lathan admitted she didn’t know there was more to “The Best Man” story, but was convinced otherwise.

And she feels the same way about a potential “Love & Basketball” sequel.

“The story was kind of complete in my mind,” she told about “Love & Basketball.”

Clearly she was convinced otherwise in order to return with the entire original cast for “The Best Man Holiday” and with a third film in the works, she’ll do it again.

Yes! Absolutely, as long as I’m not pregnant again,” she said.

Therefore, there’s hope for a “Love & Basketball” sequel with the right follow-up story.

In the meantime, Lathan is starring with Forest Whitaker and Anthony Mackie in a psychological thriller, “Repentance” — comparing it to “Misery.”

“We definitely haven’t seen a lot of psychological thrillers with Black people. We get scared, too,” said Sanaa. “We really want to see ourselves in all kinds of situations whether it’s comedy or drama or scary thriller,” she said.

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